Saturday, November 24, 2007

Master Bedroom

The walls and ceiling were a chilly shade of blue--great for spas, but not for the place I sleep! The pergo floors were neat, but unfortunatley all the seams were warped from having dogs potty on them. This was the first room I started painting, but one of the last I actually finished!


Slowly getting the walls painted and adding the walk in closet.

For about 3 weeks, we could open up the closet doors in our bedroom and see straight through into what was then 2 more bedrooms.

AFTER: We got the bed on a huge sale at Bedroom Expressions. It use to have a big seashell scroll at the top, but we removed it to streamline the look. The green paint with a slight tint of yellow to it is called 'Nutria' (Sherwin-Williams). Besides my comforter, my friend made all my bedding. Normally she would charge an arm and a leg (and maybe your first born child too!), but LUCKY ME!--she hates painting. I painted two rooms for her, one of them in a deorative finish, and she sewed for me. I love bartering!

The prints on the wall above the bed are from 1959--found in an old scrapbook of my mothers. After searching for the right color of red for the lampshades with no luck,I finally painted a pair of $5.00 brown paper ones and then sealed them with a coat of modge podge. We actually use our ceiling fan all year long, so I'm glad I found one that was contemporary looking enough to blend into the room.

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