Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DURING: This is our living room on a 'clean' day! My two year old liked to hide behind the giant sheets of drywall and I was always afraid he'd knock them over on someone or something! As you can see, this room--and almost all the rooms in the house--were very purple. I rather like purple, especially in my flower beds, but I don't find it very soothing as a focal color in my own home. We nicknamed the house "the purple palace" and soon attacked it with 15 gallons of paint!

The wood floors are down. They are unfortunately covered in everything out of the rooms that were being carpeted. This was actually Halloween night! Trick or treaters probably thought we were some kind of hoarders. The brick veneer is up, the couch is in(!), and I'm still painting--this time an old bench and our chairs.

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